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Out of The Box: Giving Cigars As Gifts

Don't know what to give the man or woman that seems to have everything? Try thinking both inside and outside the box.

A good cigar makes a wonderful gift that many people truly would enjoy. But when it comes to choosing a gift for someone else, a different criteria for making selections is in order.

Brand names become more important in that the individual receiving the gift might not have the same tastes as the giver.

With that in mind, here are some great cigar gift ideas for both new and veteran cigar smokers.

The Gift of Cigars
Newer cigar smokers should be trying a variety of different cigars to help them discover the flavors they truly enjoy.

Therefore, cigar sampler packs containing several different brands and/or sizes of cigars undoubtedly would be greatly appreciated. Sampler packs usually come in quantities of five cigars and up.

But if you would like to splurge on a box of premium smokes for someone special, stick to a couple of top brands that are mild to medium in flavor.

A quality sampler pack such as the Torino makes a splendid gift for anyone who enjoys cigars.

Macanudo is the top selling cigar in the U.S., and is made by the second largest cigar company in the world, Swedish Match. Montecristo is another widely recognized premium brand. These cigars are made by the largest cigar company in the world, Altadis.

Both of these brands are well known and respected in the world of cigars, and the new cigar smoker will never look out of place while smoking one of these.

Of course, if you know the favorite brand of a seasoned cigar smoker, stick to that brand to give as a gift.

Gifts for the Seasoned Smoker
Every aspiring and seasoned cigar connoisseur also needs a humidor, cigar cutter, and windproof butane torch lighter.

In addition, a book about cigars would also make a fine gift for the newer cigar smoker.

Gifts for the seasoned cigar smokers who already have many of these items could include cigar tubes, travel cases, and portable travel humidors.

Other accessories that may also be appropriate include ashtrays, special cigar breath cleansers, humidification devices, digital hygrometers, and even cigar apparel.

The Right Drink
Either way, it is important to compliment the cigar with a good drink.

Traditional selections include cognac, scotch and rum. Non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee can also be a great compliment.

With the old year almost over, what better way to kiss it goodbye than with a premium hand rolled cigar?

A good cigar is more than just an enjoyable experience. It will also help fire up any celebration!

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