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When To Relight a Cigar

It happens to almost everyone. Engrossed in conversation, you forget to take a puff and all of the sudden you find that your cigar went out.

Even the best cigars will go out on occasion, raising the specter of whether relighting the cigar is both appropriate or worth the effort.

But believe it or not, relighting a cigar really is no different than fishing a bit of cork out of wine.

In fact, it will take less time to relight the cigar than to light it for the first time.

The right time and wrong time
Of course, relighting a cigar is not ideal. Therefore, there are appropriate times and inappropriate times to relight a cigar.

For instance, if you intentionally allow the cigar to die in hopes of enjoying it the next day, you will both ruin the cigar and your pleasure.

Although relighting a cigar is not inappropriate, the longer you wait the more likely that the cigar will go stale.

When to give up
If, however, you are forced to relight the cigar several times, odds are that you have a badly rolled cigar.

Since premium cigars are rolled by hand and are made from organic material, a substandard cigar occasionally may find its way into even the best cigar boxes.

These cigars are not worth relighting again and again. Instead, bring the cigar back to the shop and replace it.

Choosing the right flame
If you choose to relight a cigar, then choosing the right flame is also of great importance.

Cigar lighters are the easiest way to get an even light and ensure that the cigar is fully lit.

In essence, you will need a broad flame that is otherwise difficult to achieve with simple matches.

When in a pinch, matches will do. But to ensure a broad flame, it might be necessary to use at least a couple of matches simultaneously.

Nevertheless, relighting a cigar is not a cardinal sin. The real sin would be to waste the cigar due to the unfounded fear that relighting the cigar is not worth the effort.

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