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Choosing a Cigar Size

Cigars are commonly categorized by the size and shape of the cigar, which together are known as a vitola. When choosing a size, it is important to remember that the bigger the cigar, the longer it will take to smoke it. For new cigar smokers, it is therefore a good idea to stick with Coronas and Robustos.

The size of a cigar is measured by two dimensions: its ring gauge (its diameter in sixty-fourths of an inch) and its length (in inches). For example, most non-Cuban robustos have a ring gauge of approximately 50 and a length of approximately 5 inches. Robustos which are of Cuban origin always have a ring gauge of 50 and a length of 4 7/8 inches.

The most common shape is the parejo, which has a cylindrical body, straight sides, one end open, and a round cap on the other end which is either snipped off before smoking or a small hole is punched in the center of the end. Parejas are designated by the following terms:

  • Mareva/Petit Corona (5" x 42)
  • Corona (5 1/2" x 42)
  • Corona Gorda (5 5/8" x 46)
  • Rothschilds (4 1/2" x 50) after the Rothschild family
  • Hermosos No. 4 (5" x 48)
  • Robusto (4 7/8" x 50)
  • Toro (6" x 50)
  • Cervantes/Lonsdale (6 1/2" x 42), named for Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale
  • Dalia (6 3/4" x 43)
  • Corona Grande (6 1/8" x 42)
  • Julieta, also known as Churchill (7" x 47), named for Winston Churchill
  • Prominente/Double Corona (7 5/8" x 49)
  • Presidente (8" x 50)
  • Gran Corona ("A") (9 1/4" x 47)
  • Panatelas – longer and generally thinner than Coronas
  • Small Panatela (5" x 33)
  • Short Panatela (5" x 38)
  • Slim Panatela (6" x 34)
  • Panatela (6" x 38)
  • Long Panatela (7 1/2" x 38)

Irregularly-shaped cigars are known as figurados and are sometimes considered of higher quality because they are more difficult to make. The Figurados include:

  • Torpedo – Like a parejo except that the cap is pointed.
  • Pyramid – Has a broad foot and evenly narrows to a pointed cap.
  • Perfecto – Narrow at both ends and bulged in the middle.
  • Presidente/Diadema - shaped like a parejo but considered a figurado because of its enormous size and occasional closed foot akin to a perfecto.
  • Culebras – Three long, pointed cigars braided together.
  • Tuscanian – The typical Italian cigar, created in the early nineteenth century when Kentucky tobacco was hybridized with local varieties and used to create a long, tough, slim cigar thicker in the middle and tapered at the ends, with a very strong aroma. It is also known as a cheroot, which is the largest selling cigar shape in America.

For more about our specific cigar selection, please see the information sheets in the humidor.

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