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To Smoke It or Not: How to Tell if a Cigar Is Spoiled

Collecting cigars can be an expensive proposition. But with the proper care, collecting them can also be an enduring investment.

Still, spoilage can occur. Unless you know the difference between a spoiled cigar and one that can be rescued, you might be discarding an otherwise good cigar.

How do you know if a cigar is spoiled?

Don't Sweat the White Spots
At times, a fine white powder will form on the wrapper of the cigar during the aging process. This powder is a bloom, and it is caused by the oils that exude from the tobacco.

The bloom simply indicates that the cigar is alive and maturing. It is harmless and can be gently brushed off, although there is no need.

Unlike bloom, mold is bluish-green and stains the wrapper. The presence of mold indicates that the humidor is too warm or has excessive levels of humidity.

  Wine Cellar
A desk humidor will help maintain
your cigars at optimal humidity.

A moldy cigar should not be smoked.

Dry But Not Gone
Dried out cigars represent the polar opposite to moldy cigars. But unlike a moldy cigar, there is still hope for a dried out cigar.

To restore dired cigars, remove them from their tubes or wrappers and place them into a sealed ziplock bag. Pierce the bag with many holes and then place the bag containing the cigars into a second, larger ziplock bag along with a sponge moistened with distilled water.

Every few days, rotate the cigars so that each side is exposed to the humidity. Repeat this process for a month.

Once the cigars have regained their normal sponginess, they can be returned to a humidor. But the cigars should remain there for another 9-12 months to allow the tobacco reach its equilibrium.

As with any organic item, a cigar will succumb to the elements if not properly handled. But with the proper maintenance, a cigar collection can also be an enduring investment.

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