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Have Smoke, Will Travel

Nothing is better than a good cigar while on vacation. But when traveling, cigars need an extra measure of protection from both physical damage, including but not limited to drying.

What's the best way to protect that cigar?

The Travel Humidor
The cigar could be slipped into a makeshift humidor, using plastic bags. But the ideal solution really is to invest in a travel humidor.

Choosing the right humidor simply requires reviewing several factors.

First, the humidor should be large enough to accomidate the size and shape of the cigars you smoked most often. Next, the humidor should be durable enough to withstand significant jostling (after all, you might find yourself constantly opeing the case for inspectors.) And finally, the humidification unit should be solidly installed so that it doesn't fall off when sprinting for a flight, taxi or being jammed into an overhead compartment.

Travel humidors typically resemble small cigar boxes and can be purchased at most smoke shops. The majority are made of wood and can accomodate between 10 to 25 cigars.

Humidor vs. Tubes
Sometimes, though, a travel humidor will be too big. In those cases, you can also use tubes or leather cases.

The largest drawback to tubes and leather cases is that they carry a limited supply of cigars and they rarely can keep the cigar for longer than two to three days. In addition, cigars that are packed in tubes are just a so-called "one-at-a-time" solution.

The Compromise
A compromise between the tubes and travel humidors are the finger cases, which essentially are tubes that can up to five cigars.

These finger cases often are adjustable and can fit cigars of several different sizes. These are called "open cases" and they typically come in plastic, leather or silver.

The leather and silver cases are by far the most elegant. However, when buying a leather case, it is imperative to ensure that the case is lined so that the cigar will not take on a "leathery" flavor.

Think Accessory
Selecting the right case can take time. Yet, it pays to choose carefully.

The right cigar case is not only functional, it is also an accessory. As such, it will either distinguish you as a "person of taste" or "tasteless person."

Therefore, it might be worthwhile to invest in a variety of travel cases. In the end, a "wardrobe" of cases is not only an investment in protection-- it will also be a statement of taste. 

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